On the 27th July the Government published "Gear change: a bold vision for cycling and walking"

This sets out the Government's vision for active travel that is fully endorsed by Cycleways

The Prime Ministers introduction says:

"I have always known that millions more people in this country want to cycle.
if the conditions are right, and the past four months have proved it.The joy of cycling is that doing it doesn't just benefit you. It doesn't just make you happier. It doesn't just make you healthier. It helps millions of others too, whether or not they have any intention of getting on a bike. It means less pollution and less noise for everyone. It means more trade for street-front businesses. It means fewer cars in front of yours at the lights.

"All of us, cyclists and non-cyclists alike, have suddenly found out what it is like to have streets where you can breathe clean air, hear the birds singing at noon, and walk or ride in safety. We have all noticed the new found safety on our roads with fewer cars hurtling down our streets, near our homes and our gardens and our schools.

The document goes on to say:

"Inadequate cycling infrastructure discourages cycling and wastes public

"Much cycling infrastructure in this country is inadequate. It reflects a belief, conscious or otherwise, that hardly anyone cycles, that cycling is unimportant and that cycles must take no meaningful space from more important road users, such as motor vehicles and pedestrians. It offers little protection from motor traffic and gives up at the points where any difficulty is faced or inconvenience to motorists is risked. These are often, of course,precisely the places where cycling provision is most needed."

This exactly describes the situation in Warwickshire and the attitude of Warwickshire County Council. This has to change and it would appear that the Government are committed to make it happen.

This Podcast from Streets Ahead answers your questions about "Gear Change" active travel announcement. Are we changing gear? How much will it all cost? Can you really get a Mini Holland for a fiver? What will Active Travel England do? Did the Dutch invent the Dutch reach? Nearly all will be answered.