From our Chairman Tony Lewenz

During lockdown the reduction in traffic and fine weather has seen an increase in cycling, often in family groups. Hopefully the people who have re- discovered cycling will continue to cycle as the lockdown measures are eased. 

The government has provided a £250m grant to reallocate road space for cycling and walking. Warwickshire County Council (WCC) has been awarded just over £1.2m for the whole of the county. 

Cycleways has presented a list of 80 suggested measures to assist in improving access to town centres. This is just a measure of the volume of improvements required. The focus of WCC has been in the town centres. These measures do not seem to be particularly satisfactory for cyclists as they concentrate mainly on providing space for social distancing for pedestrians. 

They don’t provide better access to the town centres. It is all very well making the town centre better to ride in, but if you don’t feel safe on the routes to get there, then what’s the point? We are told that the measures will be reviewed and adjusted if there are problems and that they are just a start that will (hopefully) lead to more permanent and satisfactory schemes.